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Conservatories installed years ago were not designed with temperature control in mind. Guardian’s patented tiling system achieves a superior U-value of 0.18 W/m.K, meaning they’re the most efficient at keeping cold air out and warm air in.
The Guardian Roof is a high-performance insulated roof system comprising of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of rigid insulation board, internally insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood, vapour membrane and a choice of tile finishes.
In just a few days, your existing conservatory roof can be smoothly transformed into a superior solid tiled conservatory roof without the need for any alterations to your existing structure, fixtures or fittings.
As Guardian tiling is specially designed to be lightweight, most existing roof frames should support it. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free assessment before any work is agreed.
The complete change-over process to a Guardian Roof takes three to five days meaning there will be minimal disruption to your household. Read all answers to commonly asked questions about Guardian roofs now.

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How much does a roof cost?

Each roof is made-to-measure and professionally installed by our Team CSM Fitters so to help us give you a quote please send us your details.
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Save on Energy Bills

The high performance insulation achieves a superior U-value of only 0.18 W/m.K (England and Wales) and 0.15 W/m.K (Scotland). Saving you money on your heating bills.

Engineered for Quality

The Guardian roof is a strong, lightweight tiled roof The Guardian Warm Roof Conversion System has been designed to provide a high performance thermal and structural solution with zero condensation risk over the life of the roof.

Designed for Temperature Control

A Guardian Warm Roof regulates the temperature of your conservatory to ensure that it’s pleasant and comfortable all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about your home

This would be determined at point off quotation, 8 out 10 existing frames are strong enough to take a Guardian warm roof. For conservatories 15-20 years old, we would recommend advancements in the glazing and window.

You may need to or consider to replace the windows.
Within the last 20 years, the window industry has improved their glazing technology to a much higher energy efficiency standard. It would also be the cheapest time to replace them due to the existing roof being removed, we only charge trade cost price for frames and labour for this service at point of a warm roof replacement.
Unfortunately yes. Installing a tiled conservatory roof is not possible without a lot of materials. Although we do our upmost to keep any mess to a minimum during installation, we will ensure all mess is cleared upon completion.
We suggest keeping the internal doors closed to keep any dust or debris to come into your house at point off installation. If your internal doors into the conservatory have been removed we will board and sheet off the opening to keep the dust out of the house.
Yes, we put padded mats down throughout the conservatory and then dust sheets to protect your flooring during every tiled roof installation.
We will only remove your existing roof if we have a four hour window of dry weather. This allows us to remove the existing conservatory roof and erect all the new ring beams and legs so we can board and cover in the breathable felt to make sure your home is left watertight at all times.

Yes, we can remove the doors at the point of installation which requires a sap certification, alongside building regulation which would be an added cost. Costs are the same on every conservatory conversion, We use an independent company and building regulation are – £390 building regulations with sap cert are £600.

Building regulations vary from one local authority to another hence why we use an independent company however if you would like to use your local authority we would require more time. 

The ceiling will be fully plastered. After the plastering is completed, please leave a window open in the room with some heating for a few days to allow the plastering to dry out completely and allow the moisture from the plastering to escape the room.
Questions about installing extras
An average roof window is an additional cost of £350 (plus VAT) depending on size but there is further upgrades available, IE. Remove electric controlled velux windows, please ask for details.
The cost of down lights are charged at £40 per point. And sockets at £50 per point
Yes, we can install dimmer switches for the new led downlights.
If you existing walls inside the conservatory that have not been plastered, we can include this at an additional cost.
Unfortunately not, we are not decorators but we can recommend a company if required.
Of course, if there is anything additional you would like, from adding more sockets, Velux windows or a central light to flush fit blinds, please call for details.
Prices start from £50 per unit and is completed at time of Guardian roof installation.
No we do not require a deposit.
All of our work come with a 10 year company guarantee and we can offer independent IBG (insurance backed guarantees) on all of our services and products installed.
Questions about procedures and the job
We follow all protocols set by the trading standards. We would put your job onto a company order form what includes all details of the job including price, terms and conditions which is then signed by yourself and a company representative.
Our normal turnaround times is 6 weeks. With this said, we will try and accommodate a time-frame which works with you. If you want set a particular date past the 6 week period, i.e. 9 weeks in the future. This is fine If you would like a tiled conservatory roof installed in a weeks time, unfortunately we would most likely not be able to accommodate a warm roof installation in such a short time-frame. We would be very weary of any company who say they can install a LABC approved tiled roof in a short time, as it’s likely they haven’t followed the trading standards protocol or worse, UK law. But we will all ways work with you to try and accommodate a time frame that works with yourself.

An average Guardian warm roof takes 5 days to install from start to finish.
Day one, we remove the existing roof erect frame work and board and felt.
Day two, an electrician will arrive to first fix electric (if you have chosen an LED down-lighting option). While this is getting done, the fitters will be tiling the roof while the electrician is on the inside. They then will return on the inside to start the first layer of installation including the button and layer too.
Day three, the fitters will Finnish the internal installation and installated plaster boards all trimming and install the new guttering and tidy site, day 4 plaster will arrive and plaster the internal roof when this is done all existing windows will be sheeted off to protect them from plaster when Finnish plaster will tidy any mess caused day five second fix electrics job completed.

Day one, we remove the existing roof erect frame work and board and felt.
Day two, the electrician will arrive to first fix electric (if you have chosen an LED down-lighting option). While this is getting done, the fitters will be tiling the roof while the electrician is on the inside. They then will return on the inside to start the first layer of installation including the button and layer too.
Day three, the fitters will finish the internal installation and install the plaster boards, all the trimming, install the new guttering as well as tidy the site.
Day four, the plasterer will arrive and plaster the internal roof, when this is done all existing windows will be sheeted off to protect them from plaster. When finished, the plasterer will tidy any mess caused.
Day five, second fix electrics and we take you for a final walk around before the job is signed off as completed.
We (CSM North East) install Guardian warm roofs as they’re the largest warm roof system provider on the market. They’re the original warm roof system and Guardian is the only LABC approved system (which means they have met building compliance and quality regulations).
Guardian roofs do not need batons put on top off the roof before tiling due to the roof has a fully vented ring beam and has not had the same issues as some off the newcomers to the tiled conservatory roof market. With the tiles being fixed direct to the felt and ply, this means the roof can be accessed without damaging any of the conservatory roof tiles.
Installation figures across the UK suggest Guardian is the most popular tiled roof system. Guardian installers have installed more warm roof conversions then all the other systems combined.
We would be unprofessional calling another system inferior and would suggest that everyone performs their own research before deciding.
An order form is the only paperwork you need to deal with and we will take care of everything else
Planning is not required as we are not building, just upgrading. Due to the LABC certification of the guardian warm roof system, building regulations is simple a formality. Since Guardian tiled roofs came to market, their LABC certification has never been revoked.
Unfortunately not, all team Guardian companies have had to go through a training course. Some companies selling Guardian roofs are supply only with no installation staff which then requires getting an approved Guardian installer to fit the tiled roof on your property.
Guardian do not not install roofs to home owners, any company using the name ‘Guardian’ in there company name may be trying to mislead you.
No, Guardian is a brand that designs and manufactures the product, we acquire the products directly from them.
Unfortunately not, as Guardian roof is a brand and do not install to home owners, they rely on local property maintenance companies to install them.And there dedicated fabrication company will sell the system to companys that are not approved.
So please make sure the roof installed by an approved team guardian installation company.
If someone prices a job and makes out they’re Guardian themselves and they will be sending their own fitters from the factory, be VERY wary as this is a sales ploy GUARDIAN ROOF DO NOT INSTALL ROOFS.
There is a lot of company”s now popping up with the guardian in there company name trying to trick the home owner be very vigilant and do your research.
And make sure the install is done by approved company using there installers as your guarantee is with the company you have signed the order with.
Our Guardian installer verification is GR24134 and you can find CSM North East on their approved installers directory here. You can check any company that is approved to install Guardian roofs on the official Guardian website.
Yes, all of our fitters work for CSM North East Direct and are fully employed by the company full time they drive our company vans and are fully trained, experienced Guardian warm roof installers.

In as little as four days you could have a brand new Guardian Tiled conservatory roof

By installing a thermally insulated, lightweight Guardian conservatory roof, CSM can transform your conservatory into a comfortable living space that can be enjoyed all year round.
CSM can replace your existing conservatory roof or build a new extension with a super-lightweight tiled roof, which will drastically improve energy efficiency, increase the value of your home and provide a comfortable living space you can enjoy all year round. Because of its exceptional thermal qualities, the insulated Guardian roof enables your conservatory to stay cosy and warm during the harsh winter and yet cool and comfortable during the summer months.
If you are looking to add value to your home and benefit from substantial energy cost savings, then a Guardian Conservatory Roof installed by CSM’s expert installation team is the perfect solution. A solid conservatory roof like the Guardian will transform your conservatory from a seasonal room into a living space that can be used all year round.

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