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Maintenance Free uPVC Roofline Products

Eliminate the need for future repairs and maintenance work and improve the look of your property by replacing your old roofline with maintenance free UPVC.

Specialist Installers of Quality UPVC Roofline & Guttering Products

CSM are specialist installers of top quality uPVC roofline products designed to transform the appearance of your roofline, add value to your home and elimitate future roofline maintenance.

 CSM are specialist installers of maintenance-free uPVC cladding

Many properties have areas clad in wooden boarding. Whilst largely decorative, cladding must be maintained if it is to retain its cosmetic appeal and add value to your home.

Timber cladding on the exterior of your house, will require continual re-painting and despite regular maintenance it will still inevitably rot away from the inside out. Rotten wooden cladding can be a source of penetrating damp into your walls and ceilings.

Replacing your old timber cladding with new maintenance-free UPVC cladding will immediately enhance the look of your home and save you the money, time and hassle of on-going maintenance. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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